My Unusual Healthy Meal

Hi Guys!

So todays post is all about food! Yum! So I’ve been getting some inspiration off my Pintrest recently, and as I’m ‘attempting’ to by more healthy, i created a recipe that still gives you craving kick but gives you mix of amazing flavours and your daily dose of iron, Vitamins, calcium, finer and more!

So this dish contains Spinach, sliced Strawberries and Feta Cheese! Yes Strawberries and Feta cheese! Sounds strange right?

Well actually, the combination of the sweet and the sour/savoury flavours mixed in with the spinach are incredible. You can also add sliced peppers, onion, watermelon, olives, avocado, kiwi and more! its such a great way to combine fruit and veg into a meal and not only does it taste amazing, it looks good too!!

One of the great things about this is that the strawberries adhere to your sugar cravings and the feta give you your ‘fatty’ kick!

I love this and I’ve been eating it for the last few days! i HAD to share with you guys are its summer and who doesn’t want to know about amazing food!!




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